Scents To Sport On Your Next Vacation

Did you know that our sense of smell is strongly connected to our memories?  Sometimes when we catch a whiff of a particular fragrance, our mind is flooded with memories associated with that scent.

So, next time you take a vacation, pay attention to the fragrances you wear because long after your trip, you will be able to recall your holiday just by using that same scent again. It sounds like an excellent way to de-stress when you don’t have time for an actual holiday!

Read on for tips on scents to select that help recall your fabulous vacation in different settings.

Summer Beach Vacations Scents

Perfect summer vacation scents include those mixed with coconut, fruity fragrances and hints of orange blossom. Light floral fragrances are an excellent choice for tropical destinations. Floral scents like jasmine, patchouli, ylang-ylang and magnolia will be great at transporting you back to your holiday destination.

Relaxing Resort Holidays

Vanilla, lavender and cinnamon are known for their ability to instil feelings of calm, peace, comfort and satisfaction. Fragrances with these tones will be perfect for your relaxing resort holiday.  

Cosy Winter Vacation In The Forest Or Mountains

If you are planning a winter vacation to a chilly destination, pack fragrances with base tones of cedarwood, cypress, and spicy pine.  While these scents are known for awakening the senses, they are also associated with the musky smell of forests and pine logs next to the fire. They will help you summon images of cosy evenings by the fire and long walks in nature.

Ocean Experiences

Having a holiday on the ocean is usually a calming and tranquil experience. Lavender and sandalwood are both excellent choices to transport you back to the peacefulness you experienced on your ocean cruise, sailing or other ocean-related vacation.

City Tour Vacation

On your next city vacation packed with sightseeing, shopping, and exciting nightlife, consider a fragrance with enough punch to compete with the olfactory overload you will likely experience.  Oriental undertones will be your best option here, with notes of frangipani, saffron and ginger at the top of the list.

So, next time you go on vacation, consider taking along a new fragrance suited to your destination. Not only will you smell awesome on your trip, but you will also have a way to instantly recall the highlights every time you get a whiff of that same fragrance, as it transports you back to your magical vacation time in your memories.  Shop Homage Perfume’s incredible range of fragrances. We have one to suit every occasion and vacation, leaving you feeling beautiful and confident. We are dedicated to bringing world-class quality perfumes at affordable prices to everyone.

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