Capture Your Holiday Memories In Fragrance: The Bush, Berg Or The Beach

While preparing for a vacation, most of us start by making a list of what we need to take along. Depending on the destination, you may need your swimming costume, hiking gear or binoculars. However, if you want to smell your best no matter where you wind up, you should consider taking an item from your fragrance collection to match your destination.

Your signature destination-inspired fragrance will be there for all the memorable moments you’re about to have on vacation. There’s nothing that can bring back memories quite like fragrances; you’ll have your perfume transporting you back to paradise every time you wear it. So whether you’re heading to the bush, the berg or the beach this December, the following scents can add to the experience. 

Sun, Sand And Sea Breeze

A vacation on the water is generally very relaxing. You can relive the serenity of your ocean cruise, sailing trip, or any seaside getaway with the help of lavender or sandalwood. Feeling light and carefree in the ocean breeze is possible with a floral scent. Look out for combinations that include a hint of sea salt.

Fragrances to take along to the beach include blended notes of passion fruit, orange blossom, vanilla and coconut. Sultry nights under the stars, with your feet in the sand and cocktail in hand, are best remembered with the deep scents of amber and musk.

Clean, Crisp, Countryside & Mountain Air

Like the rich, woodsy scents permeating the mountains’ air throughout the summer, your perfume should reflect this. You can round out these aromas with a warm amber fragrance. If you’re going to the country, choose a fragrance that fits in with the outdoorsy vibe. Scents like sage, spring flowers, and cotton harmonise well here.

Blended tones of yellow freesia flowers, lemon and sandalwood will compliment that fresh countryside air. So whether you’re out on an all-day hike, relaxing at a mountainside resort, or creating memories with loved ones, you’ll feel and smell fresh the entire time, thanks to these coordinating fragrances.

Wilderness, Excitement And Nights Around The Campfire

Fragrances and aromas are abundant in the African wilderness. The rich earthy scents of the rainfall on the warm earth or the unfamiliar territorial odours left by leopards and elephants. How about the unmistakable enticing smell of wild basil or the sweet gardenia flower, or the smells of the campfire by night? The bush is undoubtedly a diverse fragrance extravaganza, so what fragrance can you choose to help you blend in?

There is a lower possibility of seeing wildlife if you emanate a strong or unfamiliar scent. It may even trigger territorial behaviour in extreme cases. While out in the bush, whether on foot or on a game drive, you’ll want to freshen up using mild soaps and lotions while saving your signature fragrance for back at the lodge. Complement your natural and earthy surroundings with fragrances of leather, cinnamon, lemon, lavender, oakmoss or sandalwood.

Safari-inspired fragrances, on the other hand, often feature blended notes of spicy, lavender and amber fragrance levels.

Looking For The Perfect Fragrance For Your Next Getaway?

Homage Perfume was created from the passion for empowering men and women to feel beautiful in their own skin, and If there’s one thing we understand, it’s fragrance. Perfumery is an art that stretches back centuries, and some of the complex compositions and iconic fragrance profiles have been created to complement almost any occasion. 

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