Top Tips For Selecting Office Friendly Fragrances

Our regular morning routine includes picking out an appropriate outfit, applying makeup, and of course, there is the fragrance of the day to consider.

However, when working in close quarters with others, it is prudent to be mindful of your fragrance choices. You want something long-lasting to see you through the day but not so overpowering that it compromises your professionalism.

So, here are some tips to consider for selecting office-friendly fragrances.

Less Is More

The general rule of thumb would be to apply your fragrance sparingly when heading off to the office. Focus on the pulse points at your wrists, and avoid using your fragrance on your hair or clothing.

Remember to apply and then let your perfume dry. Don’t rub as this can damage the molecules in your fragrance, making it ineffective. So, while you don’t want to overpower, you still want to smell nice all day with something memorable and in keeping with your personality.

Choose A Fragrance With Subtle Notes

To keep things business-like, choosing a fragrance with subtle notes is the way to go.  Remember that your perfume gives off messages to those around you. Having your overpowering scent precede you into a room might make you seem like you are trying too hard and have the effect of undermining your professionalism.

Good choices for your workday include:

  • Soft aquatic
  • Light citrus
  • Delicate floral
  • Mild base notes like cedarwood or sandalwood
  • Rather avoid musky fragrances

Switch Things Up

While you don’t want your colleagues commenting on your fragrance because it is overbearing, wearing the same perfume every day will make them “immune” to it. In other words, they will become so used to your fragrance that they will cease to notice it.

It is a good idea to change your fragrance every few weeks to keep things memorable.  Alternatively, you can have a range of office-friendly fragrances and switch between as the mood takes you. That way, you can choose an appropriate perfume that will take you through the day but won’t go entirely unnoticed by those around you.

Choosing Fragrances That Boost Your Productivity

In aromatherapy, it has been discovered that certain scents can have the effect of lifting your mood, energising your spirit and thereby increasing your productivity. You can obtain this same effect by choosing fragrances based on these scents. Consider incorporating some of these scents into your office-friendly perfume choices:

  • Jasmine – this floral note is known to elevate your mood and boost confidence
  • Lavender – soothes the nerves and reduces stress
  • Rosemary – for overcoming fatigue and improving memory
  • Cinnamon – to help you keep focussed and be more productive
  • Peppermint –  this brain booster can get you thinking more clearly
  • Lemon – calming, reduces anxiety

For more information on office-friendly fragrances, contact Homage Perfume today. We have an incredible range of fragrances to suit every occasion, leaving you feeling beautiful and confident. We are dedicated to bringing world-class quality perfumes at affordable prices to everyone.

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