Using Fragrance To Make A Good First Impression

Aromas can evoke a wide range of emotions, and because our bodies react with the perfume, no fragrance will ever smell the same when applied to two different people. Your perfume tells a story, and as far as first impressions go, your signature scent can make an even more significant impact than you would expect. Keep reading for advice on how to make the best first impression using your fragrance.

Fragrances For A Job Interview

The most important scenario for making a good first impression is a job interview. Here you will want to wear something light that doesn’t overpower. Wear a floral or sporty fragrance for an added bit of confidence. These fragrances are impactful in their subtlety, enhancing rather than overpowering, embracing a sense of professionalism.

Fragrances For The First Date

Another instance where first impressions are really important is on a first date. When going out in the evening, wear a perfume that is a bit bolder and something that intrigues. Here is where you want a scent with woodsy, spicy and oriental base notes. These complex and unique fragrances tell a story that could just very well turn into a lasting love story. 

Know How To Wear Perfume

No matter what the scenario, knowing how to wear perfume will make your first impressions more impactful. Your fragrance can give you just the confidence boost you need. When it comes to establishing a good first impression, nothing beats wearing a perfume you’ve used before and know you feel confident in.

A  perfume’s composition comprises a base note, a middle note, and a top note. Once the top notes fade, the base note is the one that lingers for the longest. If you are wearing a cologne, don’t overdo it. Lightly mist it over your hair, on your wrist and behind the ears. If you’re wearing an Eu de Perfum, which is a little more concentrated, apply a small dab on pressure points like the wrists and the area behind the ears for best results.

Test Your Fragrance First

Subtlety is best; you want your signature scent to work in harmony with your personality rather than overpowering it. Remember, fragrances react differently with different people, so always test your fragrances before using them to make a first impression. Think about what your fragrance says long after the top notes have disappeared. Your perfume should linger a little bit just after you’ve left the room to give people the chance to reflect on your encounter.

When trying new perfumes, apply them to your wrist (do not rub your wrists together as this dissolves the fragrance) and wait half an hour. This is the fragrance level that will contribute to your first impression. Ask yourself. What does it say about you?
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