Perfume Trends To Pounce On This Year

With each new year comes an opportunity to forge something new and tell a new story. 

More than any other sense, smell has the profound capability to evoke vivid memories, which is why each year brings exciting new perfume trends that reflect our collective experiences.

It’s been an unprecedented few years. This year, we find ourselves reflecting on the past while looking firmly and calmly into the future and embracing diversity. Below we explore the top perfume trends to pounce on this year.

Encapsulating The Zeitgeist Of Iconic Eras

It’s not uncommon for scents to tell tales and embody eras, much like works of art, fashion or architecture. 

From liberation movements to rock ‘n roll eras to world wars, recessions and new millenniums, each decade has a set of popular, classic fragrances that embody the zeitgeist of their eras. 2022 will see a celebration of these nostalgic, classic fragrances as we move into a brave new world.

An Overlap In Perfumery And Technology

Though it’s common to think of perfumery utilising age-old techniques, in truth, it’s a very forward-thinking industry when it comes to technology. In such a rapidly evolving technological world, the overlap of perfume and technology will be tangible. 

From sourcing and trading oils, fragrances and compounds through blockchain technology to eCommerce advancements that allow sampling of fragrances before purchase and who knows – even fully AI-driven digital perfumes. Technological advancements are no doubt a trend that will carry through in 2022.

Reinvented Freshnesh With An Invocation Of Serenity

Fresh perfumes are frequently associated with the clean, aquatic scents of the 1990s. 

In 2021 we saw several instances where this oceanic idea of freshness was challenged with modern and contemporary twists. In 2022, while the clean, simple and fresh design of a fragrance bottle and aquatic and floral base notes will draw you in, it’s the zesty and invigorating greenery of citrus top notes that will keep you longing for more. 

In a world looking to reinvent itself after much chaos, expect freshness to be reinvented and combined with light and airy floral scents that envoke a sense of serenity.

Embracing Equity, Acceptance And Diversity

Acknowledging and appreciating people’s diversity plays an essential contribution to industry, society, and the common good. we all stand to benefit from a varied range of ideas, cultures, backgrounds and identities

Leaders and stakeholders in the fragrance industry will continue to foster an environment where resources are committed to education, mentoring and recruiting, as well as promoting awareness, acceptance and equity.

Similarly, we can anticipate fragrance blends that honour diversity by combining a variety of aroma notes into a single bouquet. Imagine combinations like spicy Spanish saffron notes and rich leather accords or perfumes that break the binary of gendered fragrances.

Embrace this year’s perfume trends with Homage Perfume. Shop our scents and make your new year statement by smelling divine.

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