Naughty & Nice Fragrances To Wear To Your Festive Event

Finding the perfect scent for this year’s festive party or event is essential for letting your hair down, feeling yourself, and enjoying a night full of festivities! While some feel their best in an innocent aroma, others will want to spice it up a notch and go for something on the naughtier side. 

Understanding what notes to look for when selecting the ideal naughty versus nice scent is crucial for picking the best fragrance suited to your personality and the vibe you want to portray. Therefore, we will explain our favourite choices for naughty and nice themes this festive season. 

Naughty – Delectable Gourmand 

Nothing screams naughty than the scent of delicious confectionaries. If you love to smell like notes of honey, coffee, vanilla or chocolate, gourmand fragrances are the scent you should look out for this season. These scents are best described as smelling like your favourite dessert, which pairs well with anything deep and musky. These fragrances are reminiscent of something you are dying to taste, which does not get much naughtier than that! 

Nice – Soft Ocean Breeze 

The ocean symbolises purity, freshness and natural, earthy qualities. The salty seawater and air remind us of freedom, simplicity moulded with complexity, and innocent beauty. If you love the freshness of the ocean and simple, elegant beauty, an aquatic perfume is an ideal pick. Look out for elements of seawood, cedarwood, or oakmoss. 

Naughty – Bold & Daring Chypre 

Chypre is an exquisite and complex fragrance, perfect for those looking to push the boundaries this festive season. While this scent is recognised by its citrusy top notes, mossy hints from oakmoss succeed at earthing it out, offering a warm yet dry quality. It pairs well with feminine florals but is also divinely combined with woody scents. This scent is open for experimentation ‒ an ideal fit for those hoping to turn heads at the upcoming festive event. 

Nice – Cute & Citrusy 

If you are naturally playful, then a citrus-smelling scent could be straight up your alley! These scents are a fantastic choice for long summer nights, offering zest and freshness. Lemongrass, bergamot, grapefruit and clementines make up this delicious fragrance profile and provide youthful, fresh energy to the wearer. No wonder in our sunnier climate that citrus is among the top choices during the lightheartedness and frivolity of the festive season! 

Incorporating the perfect scent into your festivities is ideal to ensure you radiate all night long. Homage has some of the most sought-after combinations on the market, so why not check it out? Shop our selection to find the perfect naughty and nice fragrances for your next festive event! For more information regarding our fragrances, contact us today.

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