Fragrance Guide For Those On Your Gift List

The festive season is finally upon us! Do you know what that means? Exquisite gifting ideas for those you care about most! What better gift than a gorgeous fragrance? 

Fragrances have long since been an ideal gifting idea for both men and women. Scents can be enjoyed all year round, reminding the receiver of the joy of smelling incredible with every spritz! However, tracking down the ideal scent is nothing short of a lot of effort, usually requiring an afternoon spent sniffing copious perfumes until, eventually, your nose cannot differentiate between one or the other, landing you back to square one. 

With hundreds of popular scents and combinations, we have narrowed down our top fragrances that should be on your gifting list this season. 

We explain our choices below! 

Foresty Folk 

Green, earthy notes are perfect for those who love spending their off days walking through a forest, sitting by the ocean or generally spending time away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Touches of fresh, green undertones mixed with patchouli or sandalwood are ideal for anyone with an earthy spirit. These combinations are soft yet solid, and are perfect for wear during every season. 

Spunky Citrus 

The scent of citrus is vivacious and is best suited to some with lots of youthful and optimistic energy. Citrus notes are the best fit for warmer months, which we seem to have no shortage of! However, the exception to this rule will rock this scent year round, wearing it with pride and allowing the fresh zest to uplift their mood and energy, including those around them. 

Spice For Life 

For those fiery souls in your life, why not compliment their infectious energy with a fragrance that works to match it? Spicy scents come in an array of flavourful combinations. Therefore, we recommend keeping your eyes (and nose) open for hints of spicy cinnamon, ginger, or even cumin. If the scent says robust, feisty and fiery, it is the perfect fit for a bold personality who’s not afraid of tackling life head first. 

Soft Florals 

Spring and summer are the perfect time of year to gift stunning floral fragrances to your loved ones. The best part of these scent combinations is that they are appropriate for all ages and genders. A bright floral has a distinctively non-binary quality, ideal for daytime wear for anyone who prefers a scent that is not overtly feminine but still soft and fresh. Alternatively, a fragrance containing more of a bouquet screams femininity and could be the ideal choice for someone who relishes the girly things in life and is not afraid to communicate that through their scent. 

Your gift list this year is incomplete without the ideal fragrances for those you care about. Fragrances are a fantastic way to match someone’s personality and give them a gift that will keep on giving throughout the year. Visit our online perfumery to find the perfect scents using this guide and make someone’s year! For any questions, contact us today.

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