Sunshine Or Rain, These Are The Scents For All Seasons

As we head into Autumn in the southern hemisphere, you might be wondering how to switch up your fragrance from summery to something more charismatic. If you haven’t thought of changing your signature fragrance, now is the perfect time because Autumn is all about change! 

It’s refreshing to try out a new scent each season and embrace new aromas that match the mood of the day. In order to choose your scents for all seasons, first try to identify which is your favourite season and what you love about it. Then follow this guide to find the perfume that delights your senses.

Spring Scent-sations 

Spring is a common favourite due to its mild sunny weather and the feeling of newness that’s in the air. It’s all about nature, renewed energy and new beginnings. Fragrances that go well in spring are florals, the scent of lilies and roses in particular, or anything nature-inspired. The smell of sweet watery fruits like watermelon is great for spring. It’s all about adding some whimsy and feeling pretty!

Sun-drenched Summer Aura

South African summers can be particularly harsh, so having a go-to perfume is a real comfort. This way, you know you can beat the heat and stay fresh all day long. Citrus scents work well in hot weather, adding that zesty vibe. Choose florals such as violet and peony, or go for something powdery or oriental.

Mellow Autumn Inspirations 

When choosing scents for all seasons, don’t forget about dear Autumn, which is often understated. This is, in fact, the best time to experiment with something new and mysterious. As the temperatures cool down, you will enjoy more outdoor time in moderate weather, watching the leaves turn colour. It’s a fascinating time of year and scents that go well here are woody, smoky scents that have an earthy tone. Fresh green forestry scents and spicy aromas are also appealing at this time of year.

Perfect Winter’s Day Perfumes 

When we think of winter, we think of cappuccinos and fire. It’s all about staying warm and cosy, firing up the romance and donning your soft knits and cashmere. Once you’re all dressed in your winter boots, stylish scarf and velvet coat, you need a signature winter scent to complete your ensemble. Fragrances to look for in winter are usually dramatic, bold scents, romantic woods and mysterious orientals. Florals make a comeback here as well, but mainly white flowers. Think deep, sensual and statement-making scents, and you’re good to go.Browse the eclectic range of scents for all seasons by Homage Perfumes. Shop online for a convenient, stylish way to step into each season.

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