Finding Fragrances For Your Trend Loving Teens

There comes a time as a parent when you have to accept that you will never outwin your teen’s knowledge about the latest trends. We may think we have all the answers as parents, but our teens know exactly what’s in and what’s out throughout the year. Since fashion and fragrance go hand-in-hand, we offer you some Gen Z advice for finding fragrances for your trend loving teens.

Young At Heart

Remember that your teen is still young and if they are just starting out with wearing perfume, you want to start slow and gentle. In general, you want to stay away from mature scents, so sharing your own perfume with your teen may not be a wise decision. Youthful scents include fruity, fresh fragrances as well as subtle florals. Choose something light with a hint of citrus for that fun, playful feeling. Some teens may be attracted to mature warm tones, but try to steer your little woman (or man) away from those, at least for now as they ease into the aromatic world of perfumes.

On Trend But Subtle 

The key with teenagers is to not choose something too overpowering. Your teen will be fully aware of all the latest brand name perfumes, and what the influencers and celebrities are wearing. They will probably want to mimic everything they see in the media, but remember that personality plays a big role when finding fragrances for your trend loving teens. Remind them that the ideal scent is not always what someone else is wearing, but rather what matches their personality and inspires deep emotions. With this in mind, it’s possible to find a fragrance that is on trend but still subtle enough for young people

Gentle On The Skin 

Be careful of strong perfumes when choosing a fragrance for your teen because harsh chemicals can lead to allergic reactions. A teenager’s skin is still soft, and gently being exposed to new products as they grow. Oil based perfumes are best because they are more natural than other commercial brands. They also have better quality scents that last longer throughout the day.Homage Perfume has an impressive selection of perfumes suitable for teens and young adults. If you’re interested in finding fragrances for your trend loving teens, browse our collection online or contact us for more information.

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