Surprising Scents That Attract Men To Women

Your choice of perfume reveals a lot about your personality. However, have you ever wondered how scent affects those around you, particularly that special someone you’re trying to attract? As sensory beings, perfumers never underestimate scents’ evocative power and magnetic appeal. For centuries, food has been used as an aphrodisiac, as have fragrances. It might surprise you how many of these scents overlap. 

Not All Florals

Ladies, the verdict is in! Heady florals don’t appeal to most men. However, lily of the valley, rose and geranium are exceptions because of their milder fragrances. But don’t abandon all your floral perfumes just yet. Modern florals are infused with other fragrances and tones, making them very appealing to men. Keep reading to find out what they are.


This flower has one of the most sensual smells in the world. To attract pollinating insects, the plant releases a strong chemical. It is also present in our bodies, and our bodies are sensitive to it. In floral perfumes, jasmine pairs well with other florals and adds richness and irresistibility. 


Known for its intense smell, vanilla is another winner in the seduction stakes. Men find its animalistic aspect very appealing. Both vanilla’s aroma and flavour produce feelings of pleasure. Combining it with other scents can create magical perfumes. A stunning scent can be created when incorporated into floral perfumes as a base or heart note. 


Fresh hazelnuts are evoked by this botanical scent’s woody and moist notes. The scent is mainly used in men’s fragrances, but because of its subtle sex appeal, it appeals to both sexes. In a woman’s fragrance, it hints at ambiguity, which is sensual, mysterious, and captivating.

Freshly Squeezed Oranges

This scent evokes a zestiness and energy that men love. There are many perfumes on the market, ranging from pure orange to more subtle scents. If you are looking for one with a bit of extra oomph, look for one that has been blended with vanilla. It’s just a fact that edible odours increase male arousal.


This ingredient is sensual and has the ability to awaken all the senses. Historically, musk was obtained from the sex glands of male musk deers, but nowadays, it’s available in synthetic form. The scent is subtle and soft and can be described as fruity or floral. 


Heat and chemistry go hand-in-hand in perfumery. Pink and black pepper, clove, saffron and cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and coriander are all warm and bring sensuality to any blend. 

Every woman wishes to be admired and wooed. And, there’s nothing more enticing to a man than the scent of a woman who is confident, edgy, and mysterious. Check out our irresistible male and female fragrances, and read this blog for tips on choosing seductive scents to wear on your date!

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