Taking your fragrance from day to night

You can always find a stunning outfit to match the time of day. Whether you’re at the workplace or just unwinding at home, your daytime attire will likely be quite different from how you dress at night. A similar principle applies to cosmetics. As a general rule, women will wear darker, heavier colours at night, saving their lighter, more airy options for the daytime. The same holds true with fragrances. Believe it or not, scents can be classified into “night” and “day” categories.

Is there such a thing as a single day-to-night scent? Or should you be wearing two particular perfumes, one for daytime and one to accompany you into the night? Why not both?

Discover tips for day/night versatility as well as switching between day to night time fragrances with homage perfume.

Traditionally Nighttime VS Daytime Fragrances

Consider how you could dress for work during the day compared to how you dress for a night out. This line of thinking is applicable with regard to both men’s and women’s fragrances as well.

There is a larger concentration of aromatic compounds in scents designed for the evening. Due to this, they tend to have a longer-lasting fragrance. Nighttime scents are often “Eau de parfum” fragrances.

Night notes: vanilla, musk, patchouli, amber, jasmine, and sandalwood.

Daytime fragrances are often more delicate, breezy, and light. Perfumes that use the phrase “eau de toilette” are often included in this category.

Day notes: herbs, citrus, and mild florals.

Finding A Versatile Day/Night Fragrance Combination

The challenge of finding a signature perfume is heightened by the need to find a fragrance that can be worn to both the workplace and a night out on the town. The following guide will help you select a versatile day/night fragrance suitable for every day.

  • Linen Combinations: Clean linen fragrances provide a neutral, refreshing aroma that is perfect for transitioning from meetings to after-work cocktails. And they’re never overpowering. Choose a fragrance with a combination of white jasmine, cotton, and lime for a clean scent.
  • Floral Combinations: Florals are another fragrance alternative that may be used to complement any occasion. There is a floral scent to match every mood. Different florals have the potential to portray your authoritative or easygoing, romantic or rebellious side. The aroma of fresh summer flowers portrays an uplifting, youthful, romantic and hopeful aura. This versatility makes it a perfect option for a day-night fragrance.
  • Citrus Combinations: Citrus fragrances, like those of florals and clean linens, are versatile enough to be worn anytime. They carry a reassuring and relaxing fragrance. Perfumes with citrus notes are rejuvenating and have a bright, breezy feel. They are energetic, fresh, and light rather than overpowering. Citrus oils, sometimes known as “liquid sunshine,” can even help alleviate feelings of anxiety and agitation. This makes it perfectly complementary for daytime as well as illuminating your aura well into the night.

Find Your Fragrance With Homage Perfume

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