Simple Tips for Building Your Perfect Fragrance Wardrobe

Everyone has distinctive personal preferences when it comes to choosing fragrances. But that doesn’t mean we will only possess one perfume at a time!

You will already know that different moods and occasions affect what type of fragrance you choose on any given day, so building a repertoire of perfumes that speak to your needs makes sense. Your collection of scents is referred to as your fragrance wardrobe.

And just as your clothing wardrobe consists of diverse items suited to different outings and activities, your fragrance wardrobe will reflect your style, moods, memories, and more.

Here are some handy tips on how to go about building your perfect fragrance wardrobe that will showcase your individuality across all reasons and seasons.

Be Guided By Your Favourites

Just as you have those favourite clothing items that you always choose, so you will have a set of preferred fragrances. For example, if floral scents are your favourites, you will be looking to stock your fragrance wardrobe with a good range of flowery scents like jasmine, rose, carnation, and lily. This will form a solid foundation before branching out to other scents.

Embrace Versatility and Variation

You may want to head out the door every day smelling the same, so you will need to build in some variety for different occasions. Light, easy scents are great for daytime use, while richer, deeper fragrances will suit an elegant night out. Somewhere in the middle will be your more balanced perfumes that lend themselves to various applications.

Swinging With the Seasons

You may have already noticed that the weather affects your perfume choices, so it is essential to consider this when building your fragrance wardrobe. 

On the warmer days of summer and spring, you will more likely opt for lighter, fresher scents like:

  • Delicate florals
  • Revitalising freshness of citrus and other fruity fragrances
  • Beachy marine scents

For cooler days, you might choose the autumn and winter scents that conjure up warm and cosy feelings, like:

  • Comforting spicy notes like cinnamon, clove and nutmeg
  • Earthy tones like musk, tobacco and patchouli
  • Fresh, clean woody scents like cedar and sandalwood

Creative Mixing

For a scent profile that is uniquely yours, think about adding scents to your fragrance wardrobe that can be mixed and matched. Here are some examples of scents that work well together to create your personal favourite:

  • Amber and orange (oriental and citrus)
  • Peach and sandalwood (fruity and woody)
  • Sage and ylang-ylang (aromatic and floral oriental)

Experiment with your favourite fragrances to create layers of scent that will carry you through the whole day and into the night.

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