A Closer Look At Fragrant Winter Flowers Used In Perfumery

As winter nears and the air becomes colder, the world outside becomes a little duller. But despite the lack of greenery and colourful blooms, plenty of fragrant winter flowers can be used in perfumery to create some of the most beautiful and powerful scents of the season. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular winter flowers used in perfumery.

Intriguing Jasmine

Known for its sweet, intoxicating fragrance, jasmine is a popular flower used in perfumes, especially during winter. Oil derived from its white flowers is sought-after for its soothing effects on the mind and body. Jasmine is often used in high-end floral fragrances and is frequently blended with other floral notes like rose and ylang-ylang for the perfect winter fragrance experience.

Exhilarating Narcissus

This winter-blooming flower is associated with rebirth and renewal. The narcissus flower’s delicate white petals and yellow centre are used in perfumery to create a range of fragrances, from light and fresh to rich and complex. It adds a light and refreshing touch as a top note in perfumes, yet it can create more sophisticated fragrances when blended with other floral or spicy notes. Feel rejuvenated and renewed with the fabulous scent of narcissus.

Delectable Violet

Many winter perfumes feature the sweet, powdery scent of violets. The violet flower gives fragrances a delicate and feminine touch when used as a top note. The tranquil and relaxing qualities of the violet aroma also make it popular in bath and body products.

Alluring Rose

Roses are considered one of the timeless classic scents used in perfumery. You might think that roses are summer flowers; however, the rose also blooms in winter. The warm and comforting rose scent is often used in winter perfumes that, not surprisingly, create a sense of closeness, intimacy, and emotional well-being. It pairs well with a range of other floral notes, as well as woody and spicy notes.

Inspiring Osmanthus

Perhaps not as famous as the rose, the osmanthus is a winter-blooming flower with a rich and fruity fragrance. The honeyed scent is often described as peach-like and is used as a top note in perfumes to add a touch of warmth and depth. It creates a floral furriness akin to the skin of a velvety apricot or peach.

Tantalising Tuberose

Tuberose is a winter bloomer with a strong and heady fragrance. The tuberose scent is frequently described as narcotic and is used in perfumes to create floral accords and add a touch of sensuality and glamour. This winter extrovert excels at adding exotic opulence and eccentricity to a scent. 

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