Wonderful Scents That Romanticise Winter

Wintertime in South Africa often gets a bad rep compared to our long summer months comprised of warm days spent on the beach, road tripping the diverse landscape and spending time outdoors with friends and family. However, why not romanticise winter while it’s here?

After all, wintertime can be wonderful and cosy, with evenings spent curled up on the couch watching your favourite movie. But what about those times when you have to go out? Winter months do not mean we have to revert to hermit status. After all, comforting and pleasant scents can boost the mood and inspire positivity. 

So why not step outside the house in the wintertime with a new stride? We recommend an array of comforting smells that can boost your confidence and help you take on the day with both hands below. 

Warm Hints Of Leather

Leather ‒ not what you were expecting, right? However, this scent works wonders because of its familiarity. Leather reminds us of cosy environments. Perhaps it reminds you of your family home. It gives an aura of exclusivity, which can also swiftly lift your mood when you are not eager to step outdoors and into the brisk air. Leather scents may also be reminiscent of smoky, burnt environments, reminding us of warmth. This fragrance choice is certainly comforting during the colder months. 

Glorious & Green

When in doubt, why not return to happier places? If you are someone who enjoys the lush grounds of spring, then this one is for you. A green scent that reminds us of spring can offer a sense of hope for what is to come. With spring just around the corner, wearing a fragrance that breathes fresh moss, dew and lush, natural vegetation can give the illusion that we are already there. This scent represents rejuvenation and will offer a feeling of vitality and liveliness. 

Irresistibly Gourmand

We can best describe the smell of gourmand as something you would like to eat, and being reminded of delicious food on a chilly, grey day is undeniably comforting. Food is one of wintertime’s best comforts. And we can celebrate this with this delectable fragrance choice. Think a hot pot of freshly roasted coffee, luscious dark chocolate, vanilla bean, sweet honey or candyfloss. The middle notes of these delightful aromas are also known to hit aspects of musk or patchouli, evoking wholesome memories. 

Winter time does not have to be miserable. You can enjoy days spent outside or at home with our list of mood-lifting scents, all guaranteed to offer joy to the wearer and those surrounding them. 

At Homage Perfume, we can offer a variety of delectable scents that are perfect for adding extra spice to help you romanticise those colder, less exciting days. Check out our his and hers fragrances, or feel free to get in touch today.

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