How To Smell Rich: Fragrances That Smell Expensive

Nowadays, we are experiencing increases in prices like never before! The cost of living is well and truly expensive, and many people are looking for ways to cut back on their spending. However, this does not mean an abrupt end to taking care of ourselves and wanting to smell our absolute best when we step out the door every day. 

The bright side is that you do not have to spend an arm and a leg to make yourself smell good. In fact, you can make yourself smell like you have actually spent a hefty buck on your perfume, but secretly you know that you simply know where to find the best scents for affordable prices. 

So, which scents are on the list of expensive smelling perfumes that do not break the bank? Find out below. 

Exotic Oriental 

Oriental smelling scents are often associated with luxury and wealth. They give the impression of being well travelled and carry a unique, exotic essence. They are less obvious than a classic floral scent, which can lean on the sweeter side. Oriental fragrances perfectly blend spices with flowers and spring hints and could include cinnamon sticks, vanilla, orange blossom, orchid or jasmine. 

Luxurious Bouquet

Bouquets are symbols of wealth and luxury. The rich adorn their homes with multiple carefully curated bouquets to fill the rooms with the gorgeous scents of the flower species combined. This adornment of wealth is no different when it comes to perfume. A floral bouquet can smell expensive due to its variety of opulent floral notes that hit the nose. These fragrances are never palpable but always full of depth, similar to a bottle of fine wine. 

Rich Wood 

Woody notes in a perfume are to die for as they are warm and earthy. Wood, one of the most precious and versatile natural resources on earth, is associated with high quality and craftsmanship. Smelling a woody perfume is like walking straight through a lush, overgrown tropical rainforest ‒ fresh, delicious, and abundant. You can expect a rich foresty scent reminiscent of resin bark, shrubs and moss from a woody fragrance ‒ irresistibly luxurious. Plus, you didn’t even have to break the bank to achieve this level of grandeur. 

Perfumes can say a lot about a person’s personality. And nobody wants their chosen scent to wreak up a room. When wanting to smell like you invested in high-quality, luxurious perfumes, you should avoid anything that smells too syrupy sweet or one-dimensional. It’s always a good idea to pick up a fragrance that is not quite definable, one with depth and different layers of subtle scent that come together to create something significant. 

At Homage Perfume, we offer a vast array of irresistible scents for men and women. Therefore, if you are looking for an expensive-smelling scent at cost-effective prices, you should check out what we can offer you. Either browse our shop or get in touch today. 

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