Fragrances That Women Love On Men

When it comes to the best fragrances for men, the first rule is that a little bit always goes a long way. The second rule is to think beyond what you know and test the boundaries because women love a man who doesn’t mind taking a risk. 

Undeniably, every woman loves a man that smells amazing. But which scents are the top-rated by women for men? In this article, we will look at a few absolute favourite scents for women on men. 

Warm & Woody

Warm and woody scents for men are a lady pleaser for sure. This seductive scent represents the pinnacle of a man’s liberation regarding the relationship between his body and mind. This scent is known to be one of the most expressive and direct fragrances available for men. 

Women cannot resist the warm and intense fragrance of vibrant mandarin, potent patchouli and earthy wood, which combined, produce moods of depth and strength. 

Citrus Meets Gourmand

Who could say no to a little bit of rum and honey? 

Undoubtedly, ladies cannot resist this springy scent combination of bloom and food in any given situation and for a good reason. This highly-rated scent is the epitome of mysterious and soft yet still masculine. 

Think of your favourite spring aromas. A walk through an orchard in bloom offers the true experience of what this scent embodies. This sweet but subtle fragrance opens with an explosion of citrusy mandarin with a hint of rum and honey ‒ seriously irresistible. 

Caramel Crush

Ladies love this traditionally crowd-pleasing fragrance. Caramel communicates sweet-salty notes, with creamy touches and spicy hints all at once. It’s a truly luxurious and irresistible experience for both women and men ‒ a truly mouth-watering sensory experience.  

Fruity & Aquatic

Fruity and aquatic represent what it says ‒ a delicious, oceanic, robust combination of everything a woman loves to smell on a man. Just like the sweet and seductive range made for women, the male version is just as popular a choice. 

From this delectable scent, ladies and gentlemen can expect notes of grapefruit, coffee, ocean and juniper berries. This energetic scent is a female favourite because of its ease for everyday wear ‒ light, fresh, and fun while still masculine. 

Every man takes pride in a perfume that his lady loves too. And ladies, we all know that you love a man that lures you in with a sensual scent that lights up any room. So, if you haven’t already, why not try one of the above options? We have all of these irresistible scents available in our shop. Browse our male fragrances today.

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