Finding The Right Fragrance For Your Man

The choice of a fragrance is a very personal matter. Each of us has a category of scents that we find most appealing. So, when choosing the right aroma for your man, you need to first and foremost consider what fragrance he would choose for himself. Knowing him as well as you do should equip you with the sleuth skills you’ll need to find the right fragrance.

Read on for tips on how to discover the perfect scent for your man.

Consider His Personality

An excellent starting point in your quest to discover the right fragrance for your man is to consider his personality. What character traits define your man? Is he bold and adventurous? Is he competitive and determined? Is he quiet and calm?

The fragrance wheel classifies scents into four main categories. There are a set of personal attributes associated with each type:

  • Floral – reflective, sensitive and considerate
  • Oriental – lively, energetic, friendly 
  • Fresh – strong-willed, ambitious, natural leaders
  • Woody – reserved, curious, thoughtful, quiet

To help you narrow down the selection of fragrances, choose the category that most personifies your man.  Make sure that the fragrance that you select belongs to this category.

What Scent Does He Currently Use?

Another valuable piece of information is to know what fragrance he is currently using. Everyone will subconsciously lean towards fragrances that appeal to them and towards the fragrance category that most suits them.

Consider whether you like that fragrance on him. How do you react to it? A positive reaction from your side will help you to narrow your choices to a fragrance in a similar style.

Other Strategies 

Take him shopping for fragrances for you, and casually suggest he tries some of the men’s fragrances. Remember that the best way to test a fragrance is to spray it directly onto his skin.  Let it dry and develop on his skin before smelling. If you like it, then ask him how he feels about it. If you both enjoy it, you may have clinched the deal.

If he is not keen on shopping, you can make tester strips or get some sample vials with a set of fragrances that you think he will like. Ask him which ones he prefers. While these fragrances will be somewhat different on his skin, you’ll at least have a sense of his preferences.

Your man deserves to feel confident and smell amazing. Contact Homage Perfumes today to shop for the perfect fragrance for your man or significant other. We are committed to creating world-class perfumes at affordable prices for everyone. 

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