Resellers Guide

Reselling Perfume Made Easy
Whatever you do, don’t ever underestimate the benefits of reselling homage’s range of fine perfumes – benefits for you, the seller, as well as for your customers, the discerning ladies and gents who use our/your products and want to smell their best.

Benefits for Perfume Resellers and their Clients 
This informative list of guidelines summarises the benefits of becoming a homage distributor and reselling our range of perfumes to your own customers, while the benefits listed apply to you and your clients alike, and may be used to assist you in your sales endeavours.

Affordable Prices 
You will buy your fragrances from homage at an excellent price. Simultaneously, our recommended selling price at which you resell to your customers is astonishingly affordable; simply knock a few noughts off the price of imported equivalents, if in any doubt. Whilst you’re reselling perfumes, not prices, such competitive pricing for such top-quality products makes for an “easy sell”, since most people are very price and cost conscious, especially when faced with a considerable increase in the cost of living, coupled with a fluctuating currency, as is the case in South Africa.

Quality Beats Costs
If customers query your affordable selling prices or the worth of homage perfume, you may confidently assure them that this is no reflection on the quality and longevity of the products. homage saves costs by avoiding extraneous fancy packaging and marketing costs. homage perfumes are only available through our network of agents, so clients only pay for fragrances, not additional, unnecessary frills.

Extensive Range
The perfume range consists of 50 scents for ladies, 36 for men and unisex scents, thus giving you the a wide variety of fragrances to resell, and a range that is sufficiently varied for virtually every customer to find their perfect perfume.

Time is on Your Side 
How and when you resell perfumes is entirely up to you; you set your own schedule. Consequently, you’re able to give your customers as much personal time as they require to test and select their fragrances in an unhurried, informal and convenient manner, time and place, which may be at your home or theirs, in a social environment. With time, quality, a comprehensive homage perfume range and affordable pricing on your side, success should be too.

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