Scents That Evoke The Spirit Of Cities Worldwide

 If you have ever travelled to some of the big cities around the world, you will have noticed that each one has a uniqueness that sets it apart from others: the sights and sounds, the people, the culture, and the food.

Each city has scents that define it, and it is a return to those fragrances that can transport you back to the wonder of each city. For those who have not had the opportunity to visit these cities, sit back and relax as we transport you on a scent journey to some of the major cities in the world. 

New York’s Urban Energy

The nickname for this bustling metropolis is “The city that never sleeps”. The buzzing energy is palpable 24/7, and the streets are filled with all manner of delightful scents, often drifting out from the thousands of coffee shops and restaurants. 

To capture the frantic energy of The Big Apple, look for fragrances with hints of coffee and tones of citrus or energising notes of green tea. 

Dubai: Spicy Desert Heat

The distinctive delight of Dubai stems from its stark contrast between the wealth of modern city skyscrapers and the vast desolation of the adjacent desert. 

To capture the scent of Dubai, opt for fragrances with warm and spicy notes like saffron, cardamom, and oud, all of which can express the city’s blend of tradition and luxury.

London: The English Rose

When you think of London, you might imagine the sophisticated aroma of English roses wafting through the air. These beautiful flowers have long been associated with this ancient city’s royal heritage and are abundant everywhere, from Buckingham Palace to Kew Gardens.

To evoke the refined spirit of London, seek out fragrances laden with the scent of rose and blended with complementary hints of lavender, patchouli, and jasmine.


Beijing is a city where ancient traditions blend effortlessly with modernity. The scent of incense is a familiar presence, especially around the city’s temples and historic sites. 

To prompt the essence of Beijing, you will naturally turn to the notes on the fragrance wheel. From floral oriental, though to woody oriental, there are many choices. Sandalwood, resins, amber, vanilla, and musk are also perfect tributes to this city.  

Paris: Romance And Pastries

Widely known as the “City of Love”, Paris is associated with all things romantic, as well as edible pastries of the most delicious kind! Imagine strolling along a Parisian boulevard arm in arm with a loved one, taking in the scent of blossoming flowers and freshly baked tarts, cakes, bread and more,

To recreate the marvel of Paris, look for fragrances with notes of vanilla and almond laced with delicate floral scents like lily and violet. 

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