What To Do When Your Favourite Signature Fragrance Is Discontinued

Finally, you come across a scent that you can’t wait to put on in the morning. It’s fresh yet fascinating, light but strong. It smells like you and how you want to feel on a daily basis. One morning, you spritz the last of your bottle, and it’s time to replace it. However, your signature fragrance is nowhere to be found! You enquire at the front desk to find it has been discontinued.

There are various reasons for fragrances being discontinued. Perfumery is a highly competitive industry; sometimes, brands just can’t make the sales necessary for success. Other times ingredient shortages or manufacturing challenges play a role in fragrances being continued.

What do you do now?

Don’t panic! There are a few avenues you should explore before you lose hope once your favourite discontinued fragrance is used up.

What To Do When Your Favourite Signature Fragrance Is Discontinued

  • Enquire about backstock still waiting to be distributed at other retail outlets.
  • Try the brand’s website for remaining stock.
  • Visit various online perfume retailers in search of missing stock.
  • Visit online marketplaces like eBay or FB Marketplace in search of remaining stock.

Once you have explored those avenues and are certain you cannot get your hands on another bottle, it’s time to get creative.

Visit Fragrance Forums

Conduct a little in-depth research on your discontinued fragrance in perfume communities like Basenotes, where you can learn about what ingredients make up your favourite fragrances and find similar fragrances with similar fragrance compounds.

Wikiparfum provides a terrific online platform for searching for perfumes by brand and ingredients for you to explore similar options to the fragrances you love.

Have Your Fragrance Replicated

After some extensive research, you will have realised that it’s possible to recreate your signature fragrance in a laboratory. However, analysing a perfume’s secret formula requires specialised scientific equipment as well as the skills of a trained scent analyser. 

The perfume sample is run through a chromatography machine, which may break down the recipe into its fundamental parts. The chromatography is then examined by an expert who can recreate the composition using sophisticated software. However, perfumery is an exact science, and without the precise equipment, there is always a chance that these recreations will not match the original 100%. 

A novel idea is to have an entirely new fragrance created using the same fragrance compounds as well as a few others. 

Pay Homage To Your Favourite Discontinued Signature Fragrance

Homage Perfume was developed out of a desire to make women and men feel attractive and confident. We pay tribute to the iconic perfumes we know and love by providing high-quality fragrances at reasonable prices. We import the best fragrance compounds of the highest quality and longevity to guarantee that our products are comparable to the original fragrances that inspired them.

Our fine fragrances are manufactured by reverse chemical engineering, analysis, and replication. We do not claim that our “Inspired by” scents are original designer fragrances, but we have the technology to analyse and reconstruct the chemical makeup of your favourite discontinued fragrance.
Once you’ve spritzed the last bit in the bottle of your favourite fragrance and can no longer find it on the shelves, it’s time to get in touch. Let’s discover how we can pay homage to your favourite discontinued signature fragrance by browsing our male and female fragrances today.

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